Munich • Day 3-4

Most of Day 3 was spent on a bus journeying to Munich. This was the case for a large part of this tour. When you only have 16 days (14 days if you don't count the time that you are on the plane) to see all of Europe, you have to see most of it through the window of a tour bus. I can't really recall a lot about the city of Munich, although I do remember several memorable events that occured in Munich. The main thing that I remember about the actual city is that it was really clean. The people must have great pride in their city (or are terribly afraid of punishment) in order to keep the entire city that presentable. Too bad we don't have that same cleanliness here in the States.

Munich is where we originally ran into the girls from Wisconsin, who were on a tour that was similar to ours. They were pretty cool girls so Jimmy, Nathan, and I hung out with them on our first night in Munich. We had fun talking, watching Beavis and Butt-head on MTV, and basically just goofing off until about 6 in the morning. Unfortunately, we were all hating life when we had to get up at about 7 o'clock and start sight-seeing again. Luckily, we spent a lot of time on a bus, so we were able to get a little sleep.

The following night, while still in Munich, Nathan ditched Jimmy and I (to go visit the girls from Wisconsin again, I assume), so we decided to get a little revenge. The two of us claimed the two full size beds in our room, and placed the fold-up cot that had been allocated to him outside on the balcony. I didn't mention this before, but it was very cold in Munich at night (lower 40's probably), even in the middle of June. When Nathan finally returned and asked where his bed was, Jimmy claimed, "We put it on the balcony to make more room, because we thought you weren't coming back tonight." We felt satisfied when Nathan finally brought his bed back inside, climbed in, and screamed out something like, "Whoa! That's cold!" I don't recall exactly, but I'd be willing to bet that he was a little more colorful with his phrasing.

On day 4, we took the optional trip to Dachau. I don't have any pictures from Dachau (maybe because they didn't allow us to take pictures, I can't remember), but even now it seems very gloomy and shadowy. The mood was really solemn and visiting the concentration camp here was a very emotional experience. Even though the camp looks a lot different than it did when it was in use, you could still get a feel for what it must have been like for those who suffered there.

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