Venice • Day 5-6

On Day 5, we were once again on our International Bus Race. This day's journey would take us from Munich to Venice, Italy with a short stop in Innsbruck, Austria. While on the autobahn between Munich and Innsbruck, we were passed by a caravan of at least 25 Ferraris. This had to have been one of the most beautiful sights I saw during the entire 16 day tour. It almost brought tears to my eyes (only because I'll never be able to afford a Ferrari of my own!). After this little glimpse of heaven, I sat back and waited for our arrival at Innsbruck.

Innsbruck is a quaint little town where my friends and I had some of the best calzones that I have ever tasted. Unfortunately, I don't think I could find the restaurant that served them if I ever had the good fortune to return there. After a short visit in Innsbruck we journeyed on to Venice.

Unfortunately, the weather was dismal the entire time that we were in Italy, so that dampered our spirits, and left me with an overall poor opinion of the country. We did, however, have a good time riding the gondolas through the 'streets' of Venice. Too bad the whole place will probably be under water in another couple hundred years. While in Venice, we also ran into the girls from Wisconsin once again (small world, huh?), and that somewhat brightened our dismal day.

From Venice, we ventured onward to the magical city of Rome.

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