Heidelberg • Day 1-2

Our trip began June 6, 1994 in Dallas, Texas. Our flight plan took us to Detroit, where we would catch a connecting flight to carry us the remaining part of the way to Frankfurt, Germany. If we had been smart, we would have slept on the plane, because it was a 12 hour overnight flight, and when we arrived in Frankfurt, it was just after sunrise, and our frantic schedule left no time for sleep during daylight hours. After landing in Frankfurt and clearing customs, we boarded a bus headed to Heidelberg.

At Heidelberg, we visited the famous Heidelberg Castle. This castle is very old, dating back to the 12th century or earlier, I believe, and it resides atop a hill overlooking the city. Quite possibly the most interesting feature of the Heidelberg Castle (at least to a college student) is the huge keg that is contained in the castle. It is the largest wine keg in the world, holding some 50,000 gallons of wine. 1 Could you imagine the possibilities if somebody shipped this monstrosity to Austin? Pictured here, is actually the little sister of the larger keg, which is still quite impressive.

After spending the night in Heidelberg, we headed for Munich.

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