People on the Tour

Pictured here (from left to right) are Jackie (from Houston), Miss Jarma, Laura (winner of the Hard Roll contest), Heather, and me.

Here, with two of the girls from Wisconsin, are Jimmy, me (again), and Nathan (from left to right). Missing from this picture is my favorite girl from Wisconsin, Becky.

I don't remember most of the people in this picture, except for the blonde. She was our psycho bus driver. She liked to bust U-turns on one-lane roads in the middle of towns, and she became obsessed with Nathan (don't ask me why!)

The faces visible in this picture (from left to right) are Raylene, Mrs. Stewart (a.k.a. Stew-Bunny!), and Mrs. Winkle (Nathan's mom). What's up, Stew!

There were several other people worth mentioning, like the tour guide that wore the same 2 outfits for 8 days, Kim Stewart, Mrs. Cordell, the two old ladies that were with us (they were pretty cool sometimes), the kids from the drug rehab clinic, and that one kid whose parents sent him on this trip by himself. And I think Raylene is worth mentioning again, too!

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