Summary & Links

Well, that pretty much wraps up my tour of Europe. I know that I didn't go into great detail, and that is due in part to the fact that:

  1. I took this tour over 4 years ago and my memory is beginning to fail me, and
  2. I am originally creating this web page as an assignment for a class that I am taking. Since this means that I am working under a deadline, I can only do so much in the time alloted.

I have many more pictures that I will hopefully get a chance to scan and put on this site, so please come and visit again when you have a chance. One word of advice that my sister gave to me before I went on this tour (and of course, I didn't listen to her): When you take a picture of something, write down what it is and why you took a picture of it. This will definitely come in handy when you get ready to put the pictures in a photo album, and this way you can still remember what everything is when you get ready to tell your grandkids about it.

Once again, thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed it. Below, I've listed some interesting links that you might like to visit in order to get more information about many of the places that I mentioned.

EF Tours
Heidelberg Castle
Another good Dachau page
Innsbruck, Austria
Another Florence page
Lion Monument in Switzerland
Notre Dame
Eiffel Tower
The Louvre
Hard Rock Cafe

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