This is my on-line photo album from my trip that I took to the Hawaiian islands between April 28 and May 11, 2001. I went with my sister and we met my cousins Amy & James who were living there while James was doing his internship as a doctor.

This photo album is broken down into three parts which can be accessed using the links on the left. The first part is pictures that I took. The second part is pictures that my sister, Tina, took. And the third part is pictures that I took while snorkeling. Most of the underwater pictures don't have names or text associated with them, because I haven't taken the time to go back and look up what types of fish are in each picture.

For this trip, we basically spent 3 days each on the islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii. Then we returned to Oahu for another couple of days before flying back home. Amy and James lived on Oahu, and guided us around that island, and they also joined us on Maui as we visited it. My cousin Andrew (Amy's brother) joined us when we returned to Oahu on May 9.